Tara Carr Fitness

Hey there!

I’m Tara! Owner of TCFit and creator of the Body Code Program (Learn More about it here!)

I’m also a mom to two gorgeous little ladies, a wife to a fantastic hubby, and proud coach to some amazing clients!

Other Fun Facts about Me

  • I love research! Ever wonder who reads those 100 page studies on the effects of sugar on your metabolism? Yeah, that’s me!

  • If you asked my two littles what mommy does for work they would probably say workout and teach people how to eat. Well, except for the littlest one… for some reason she thinks I work at the post office!

  • I love fall! The first cool day of fall always makes me want to sit around a bonfire with good friends, good music, and a good drink! Maybe it’s a southern thing but it’s my happy place!