Why Does Any of it Matter?



Why does any of it matter.


You know. I’ve made a lot of commitments in my life and I can honestly say only a handful of them matter to me now.

That may seem like a bold thing to say.

But, let me ask you a question.

What commitments have you made in your life that actually matter to you right now?

I know, I know.

There’s your family and your career and your…. Your…..and. Well. There’s…..


When I did this exercise for the first time I got stuck after family.

They were, at the time, the one thing commitment wise that truly mattered to me.

Now that’s not a bad thing. It’s to be expected for most people.

The puzzling part was trying to figure out why I still had so many things in my life that I HAD to do. So many things on what seemed like a never ending to do list. So many things that were filling up my days??

The Kicker??

If you asked me point blank why they were so damn important, I couldn’t tell you.

Hell, I couldn’t even tell you what they were without checking my to do list.

Can you relate?

At the time I’d made these commitments, they seemed important enough to wager my time to…

I thought….

Favors for friends, volunteering, hobbies, lunches, shopping, running errands, bunco, organizing get to togethers, the list goes on and on.

But, what I was forgetting to do was check to see if any of these things lined up with the things that truly mattered to me?

Why do we commit to do things that…….

  1. We really don’t want to do. And
  2. Don’t line up with our core beliefs, values, or desires??

The thing is… and will always be,  that we put off the things that truly matter to us to satisfy the things that don’t.

It is much easier to fill our schedules with things that keep us busy rather than the things that will truly make us happy.

It’s actually quite interesting.

We know what we want but are too afraid to commit to it for fear of lots of things, but mostly, failure.

So, rather than dive in and devise a plan to make it happen, we choose to fill up every spec of our time with things that we convince ourselves are important but are really just filler.

Then… yes there’s more to this, you get so consumed with the errands, lunches, PTA, parties, planning, appearances, tasks, and to do’s….until you have successfully squeezed out any chance of having even an hour left in your day to actually do the things that matter to YOU.

The things that would make YOU happy.

Whether or not you actually enjoy all the little things that take your time away DOESN’T matter.

The truth is that until you decide to go after and give your time and energy to the things you TRULY desire, well, all the time you’re giving to other things won’t even be worth it.

You’ll actually end up resenting the things that could and should be bringing you joy.

Here’s the deal.

Instant gratification, no matter how quickly it dissipates, will always be our default.

It’s easier to be too busy to put time and effort into our health and fitness.

Too busy to follow the inner desire we have to be a better version of ourselves.

As long as you are preoccupied with your to do list, you will always be able to use that to do list as the perfect scapegoat to help silence the inner voice nagging at you to BE BETTER!

You will always seek comfort in the moment and In that moment all is well and good.

But for how long?

How long does it take before you are unsatisfied again?

Not long I’d bet.

And there it is.

The cycle that most of us are trapped in.

Round and round and never getting off the ride.

The Problem??

We never bother to check our actions against our true desires.

Never realizing that the path we choose today is either taking us closer to or further away from what we truly want in life.

So I ask you. What matters to you?

What do you think about every single day?

What is always on your mind?

Always gnawing at you?

That’s the goal you have to attain.

That’s the dream you have to chase.

It’s not going to go away.

It is there for a reason and it it your DUTY to see it through.

I’m going to share a piece of advice with you that has changed my life.

It’s so simple and so powerful and not a day goes by that I don’t repeat these words in my head in some way, form or fashion.

No dream, thought, goal, or gift is given to us that is not 100% attainable.


That means, in a nutshell, that if you can even IMAGINE it, at all, in your mind… then it is YOURS!

That NOT everyone thinks the way you do.

That NOT everyone FEELS the same things you do.

That when a dream or goal or hope pops in your head and you dismiss it as a pipe dream, or silly unattainable wish that everyone wishes they could have… NO!

Not everyone has your desires, hopes, dreams, and goals!

They were given to you.

If you can see them you can grab them.


And that my friend is the single most powerful piece of information you could ever grab a hold of.

Now that you know without a doubt that the only thing standing in your way of YOUR dreams and goals is YOU.

Well, gorgeous, all you have to do now is get out of your own way.

It’s really that FREAKING easy!

Inspired but not sure where to start?? Do This Now!

Answer These Questions!

What is it that you want most in the world?

What would make you proud of yourself, your body, your health?

What is the one thing you think about every. single. day?


You do those things first. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

You check all of your actions against those things and you make them your non negotiable actions!

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