How to Set Weight Loss Goals that Stick Part 2



Hey! We’re back with Part 2 of Setting Weight Loss Goals That Stick! Did you nail down your “why”? If not, take a tiny step back and read this post first!  I promise it’s worth it!

Okay. So, after we’ve nailed down the driving force behind the things we want, the next step is to make an action plan. Ever here the old advice that says… Just write down your goals, get them down on paper, hang them on your bathroom mirror so you can see them everyday?? Yeah, that’s great advice but it’s missing something. An action plan. What if you have giant goals like becoming an astronaut or our next president?? Do you think writing on your mirror “I’m the next Obama” will get you there? Probably not. Now, I’m not saying you can’t be our next president. In fact, I’m saying quite the opposite. If you wanna rule the world..let’s do it! But know, that it will take hard work, a crap ton of dedication, and most importantly a plan.

Planning For Weight Loss? Why??

Because a goal is just a dream and a dream will never come true without a plan to make it your reality. Sound cliché? That’s because it is… and for good reason.  Successful people did not become successful by accident. Oprah didn’t just stumble into her billion dollar empire and Kim K didn’t slip and fall into reality stardom. Whether or not you agree with what these stars have to say is not the point. The point is that they are where they are because they wanted it, made it a priority, and ultimately made a plan to get it.

I hear ya, I hear ya, “But Tara, I’m not Oprah??” Yes… Yes I know, but… If you could somehow harness a fraction of her badassery and apply it to your goals, do you think that could make a difference? Uh, heck yes it would! So, lets do it. Let’s make a plan. 

Try these 3 simple steps to begin outlining your plan and the action steps you’ll need to take in order to achieve it! 

Step 1:

Grab a piece of paper or a journal of some sort. At the top, write down your big goal and beside it write down your why!                            

        Some examples could be:

  • Lose Weight —Why?– to be able to be active with my kids 
  • Eat a healthier Diet– Why? — To finally get off of my blood pressure medication
  • Run a marathon– Why? — To prove to myself that I can follow through on my goals 


Step 2:

Now you’re going to start thinking about your past successes. Maybe getting your degree is a big one for you, maybe it’s starting your family, or snagging the job you have now. Think about the things that took place in order for you to consider this a success. Think about the things that brought you closer to achieving this success as well as the things that may have strayed you from it. 

Try questions like these:

  • Did I do this alone or did I have a support group to rely on?
  • Do I work better alone or in groups?
  • What did I do that made reaching this goal easier on me?
  • What did I do that made reaching this goal harder on me? 
  • What would I do differently If I had to do this again?

  Step 3:

 The final step is identifying the habits that we have that help us and the habits that we have that do not. Here you will be digging deep and really looking at your personality traits. We want to confront them head on and make sure we know what they are and how to deal with them. If something is not serving you. change it. The trick here is to not sugar coat. You are the only one who will be reading this so make sure you go all in and don’t hold back. 

Examples Could Include:

  • I know I have a tendency to get lazy or complacent —COUNTER— I will have a workout partner that will hold me accountable when I don’t feel like working out. 
  • I know that I have negative self talk and downplay my successes– COUNTER— Every time I think something negative about my body or progress I will write down three positive things about my body or progress!
  • I know I drink my calories– COUNTER— I will find corresponding workouts to burn the unnecessary calories I drink! 

Alright! So you can see the outline of your plan starting to form! You’re figuring out the things that you are good at and need to harness in order to move you in the right direction. You’re also figuring out the things you’re not so good at and will need a back up plan for when those not so great habits rear their ugly heads! 

Need a bit more help? Download my FREE Goal Mapping Guide Below! It’s all laid out for you with the right questions and steps to take to start forming your ultimate plan! There’s also a bonus accountability contract! It’s a must download!!  








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